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Women's Choir

The Women’s Choir is a select, auditioned choir of women, grades 10-12. The Director

auditions the singers. It is a two-semester course in which the student may earn one unit of Fine Arts credit. The curriculum is designed to help young women further develop freedom, beauty and maturity in the singing voice. It is also designed to empower singers with more advanced ear training and sight-singing skills as well as competency in reading four part and double choir voicing. Phonetics of various languages and a variety of musical styles are presented. Class work includes singing exercises to expand the range and flexibility of the voice, improve diction, breath support and resonance. Music Theory and Music History are also included in daily instruction. Sight singing skills are addressed on a daily basis. Additional work includes singing in small ensembles, written tests, singing tests and required evening performances.

Course Description

Concert Attire

This year the Women will use the same dress as last year. The dress will be rented from the school for $30. Dresses will be tried on at the beginning of the year and returned after the final performance. Minor alterations may be needed.

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