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Men's Choir

The Men’s Choir is a select, auditioned ensemble of men grades 9 - 12. The Middle School

Choral Director either recommends the singer for the choir, or they audition for the High School director. It is a two-semester course in which the student may earn one unit of Fine Arts credit. The curriculum is designed to help young singers understand and develop the changing male voice, ear-training, sight singing skills and competency in reading three and four part voicing.  Phonetics of various languages and a variety of musical styles are presented. Class work includes singing exercise to build, strengthen and carefully guide the voice through its development, improve diction, breath support and resonance. Music Theory and Music History are also included in daily instruction. Sight singing technique will be included on a daily basis. Additional work includes singing in small ensembles, written tests, singing tests and required evening performances.

Course Description

Concert Attire

The men of this choir will wear a black wool blazer and silk tie (provided by the school). A $15.00 rental fee will be due immediately. Checks are preferred and should be made out to LSHS. Black slacks (purchased through the choral department or supplied by student with approval from directors), a black belt, a black button-down oxford shirt and black socks, black dress shoes complete the uniform. Information will be forthcoming on the purchase of slacks.

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