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Welcome to IB Music!

How to write the Musical Links Paper:

Musical Links Worksheet

More in depth description of how to analyze the music for your paper:

Music Analysis Guide IB Music Syllabus

Baroque Instrumental Music...

Baroque music reading:  p. 182-184

Concerto Types:  p. 188-194

The Baroque Suite:  p. 197-200

The Fugue and Its Devices:  205-208

Baroque Exam Listening ...

Baroque Instrumental Exam Materials...

Study guides:  #31, 33, 35, 36

Listening Guides:  #24, 26, 28 ( you have your own scores for 26 and 28 to use as well)

Charts:  p. 123 & 215, p. 206

Be able to diagram the Exposition of Bach's Contrapuntus No. 1 with the following:  Subject, Answer (real or tonal), voices (Soprano, alto, tenor, bass), motives a/b/c/d (at least one each)

French Overture:  p. 204 (example: Handel's Messiah Overture)

Bach's Art of Fugue Contrapuntus No. 1...

YouTube Analysis for entire work Exposition Analysis

Musical Links Project Info...

Handel's Water Music, Movement 1

Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Spring Movement 1 & 2

These are all easily found on YouTube, link coming soon from me.

To the Age of Enlightenment ...

Pages 209-211 (nothing on John Gay's The Beggar's Opera)

Gluck and Opera Reform:  p214.

Expanded Elements of Form ...

Entire Chapter:  p.  218-226 (not listening activity on p. 227)

Charts:  223, 226

Terms to know:  themes, motives, thematic development, sequence, ostinato, absolute music, multimovement cycle, exposition, development, recapitulation, cyclical structure