LSHS Music Department

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Past Award Recipients

2018- Jack Gerding

2017- Olivia Riley

2016- Abby Gast

2015- Casey Kennedy

2014- Trevor Todd

2013- Mallory Murphy

2012- Vince Woods

2011- Olivia Lynn

2010- Jamie Schlotzhauer

2009- Anna Hacker

2008- Johanna Merwin (Musgrave...)

2007- Matt Musgrave (yes, these two are married)

2006- Greg Love

2005- Ben Johnston

Arion Award

Students of the Year

2018- Josh Engle and Amy Tippin

2017- Mason Mackey and Carly McKay

2016- Jordan Hoffman and Joey Murphy

2015- Trevor Martin and Maddie Page

2014- Devin Taylor and Phillip Maggio

2013- Daniel Swope and Sierra Walker

2012- Alexis Rolls and Spencer Martin

2011- Rebecca Wadle and Daniel Musgrave

2010- Tyler Fromson and Katelyn Baron

2009- Brett Bornhoft and Halsey Young


All-State Choir

2018- Anahi Casas Perez, Soprano. Jack Gerding, Tenor. Robert Bruce, Bass. Amy Tippin, Alto. Parker Tozier, Tenor. Aubrey Wright, Soprano

2017- Mason Mackey, Tenor. Jack Gerding, Tenor. (Hunter Garrison, Tenor Alt.)

2016- Abby Gast, alto. Mason Mackey, tenor. Joey Murphy, bass. (Olvia Riley, alto alternate. Chuck Copeland and Chance Copeland, bass alternates.)

2015- Maddie Page, soprano. Abby Gast, alto. (Parker Jenkins, bass alternate. Delaney Bouska, soprano alternate.)

2014- Adee Dancy, soprano. Maddie Page soprano. Lindsey Mayberry, Alto. John Cooper, tenor Trevor Todd, tenor. (Luke Bowers, tenor alternate)

2013- Trevor Todd, tenor (Ben Velasco, tenor alternate and Alison Gray, soprano alternate)

2012- Vince Woods, tenor. Alexis Rolls, alto (Ben Velasco, tenor alternate)

2011- Olivia Lynn, soprano. Vince Woods, tenor

2010- Ryan Hagedorn, bass. Kayla Cooper, alto. Katelyn Baron (Tyler Fromson, tenor alternate)

2009- Anna Hacker, soprano. Katelyn Baron, alto.