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This chart displays the 6 essential standards being taught in a choir class at LSHS.  "Endurance" refers to the way the skill will translate to the student's life after high school. "Leverage" is the ability for the skill to be used in other curricular areas and subjects. "Readiness" refers to the progression from one level of choir to the next. You may download the entire curriuculum here:

Essential Standards

Essential Standards

Here you may view the grading rubrics for (left to right) Concerts, Singing Tests and Daily Rehearsal Etiquette.

Essential Standards PDF

Grading Rubrics

Choir Handbook

This document contains a lengthy and detailed description of the choral programs rules and procedures.  Included are uniform standards, fees, grading and dates for the 2018-19 school year.

Travel Release Form

Travel Release Form

This form is for parents/students who plan on using their own transportation instead of a provided bus. Signing this form releases the R-7 schools from liability. Must be submitted to your teacher one day before the event.  

Concert Make-up

Use these directions to make-up points from missed concerts which have been designated as "excused" by the teacher.  "Unexcused" concert absences may not be made up.

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