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2016-17 All District Orchestra Audition Info

Audition Season is upon us!  Remember that in order to letter in orchestra you must audition for ADO!


Auditions take place on November 5th, 2016 at Liberty High School.  You will need to provide your own transportation to the event.  Since the school is not providing transportation to this event, there is no need for a travel release form.  Each student will be assigned an individual audition time in late October.  You will want to carefully prepare your audition materials, competition is tough at this event!!!  Recordings of the audition excerpts can be found at the link below under All State Audition Info. The ADO and ASO audition materials are the same except the State excerpts are longer.  If you wish to audition for State, please follow the link below for all information pertaining to that event.  


If you make it in to ADO you will be obligated to participate in the orchestra in the evenings of January 12th and 13th (a bus will transport the students to Paseo Academy where rehearsals and performance will take place) and during the day of Saturday, January 14th (2017).  Please check your calendars and let me know if you need to opt out due to other conflicts.  Questions?



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